Terms of service

Terms of Service from Make me Jedi!

§1 Applicability to entrepreneurs and definitions of terms

(1) The following general terms and conditions apply to all deliveries between us and a consumer in the version valid at the time of the order.

A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither commercial nor self-employed (§ 13 BGB).

§2 Formation of a contract, storage of the text of the contract

(1) The following regulations on the conclusion of the contract apply to orders via our Internet shop http://www.madame-fanti.de.

(2) If the contract is concluded, the contract comes with it

Make me Jedi!
Oliver Otto
Zum Tannenberg 3
D-17219 Ankershagen

(3) The presentation of the goods in our online shop does not represent a legally binding contract offer on our part, but is only a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods. By ordering the desired goods, the consumer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.
(4) When an order is received in our online shop, the following regulations apply: The consumer submits a binding contract offer by successfully going through the ordering procedure provided in our online shop.

The order is made in the following steps:

1) Selection of the desired goods
2) Confirm by clicking the "Order" button
3) Checking the information in the shopping cart
4) Click on the "Checkout" button
5) Registration in the Internet shop after registering and entering the registration details (e-mail address and password).
6) Re-examination or correction of the entered data.
7) Binding dispatch of the order by clicking the button "order with costs" or "buy"
Before the binding submission of the order, the consumer can return to the website on which the customer's details are recorded and correct or correct input errors by pressing the "Back" button in the Internet browser he is using after checking his details Cancel the ordering process by closing the internet browser. We will immediately confirm receipt of the order by an automatically generated e-mail ("order confirmation"). With this we accept your offer.

(5) Storage of the contract text for orders via our Internet shop: We will send you the order data and our general terms and conditions by e-mail. You can also view the General Terms and Conditions at any time https://machmichjedi.de/policies/terms-of-service see. For security reasons, your order data is no longer accessible via the Internet.

§3 Prices, shipping costs, payment, due date

(1) The prices indicated include the statutory sales tax and other price components. In addition, there are any shipping costs.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying by PayPal, credit card (Visa).

§4 Delivery

(1) The delivery takes place within 60 working days at the latest. In the case of payment in advance, the period for delivery begins on the day after the payment order to the bank commissioned with the transfer and for all other payment methods on the day after the conclusion of the contract. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, the deadline ends on the next working day.

(2) The risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of the item sold is only transferred to the buyer when the item is handed over to the buyer, even in the case of mail-order sales.

§5 Retention of title

We reserve ownership of the goods until the purchase price has been paid in full.

§6 cancellation policy

Our products are after § 312d Abs. 4 Nr. 1 BGB excluded from the exchange, since they were made according to customer specifications and are economically worthless for us after the production insofar as the sale is impossible due to the customer specification and the resulting individual production.

§7 Warranty

The statutory warranty regulations apply.

§8 Contract language

As contract language german will be available exclusively.

§9 Special agreements for revisions and revisions

Free Modifications from Make Me Jedi! are taken over:

- Important details that we forgot: e.g. earrings, glasses, tattoos

Changes that are made at an additional cost:

- certain features that were not clearly visible on the original photo, such as:

    • Hair color (due to unfavorable light influences)
    • Hair length (if this was not recognizable)
    • Haircut (if not recognizable)
    • Body stature (due to unfavorable angles)
    • Clothing (if not adequately described)
    • All details that were not specified when ordering, not sufficiently described or not recognizable on the photo!

We will charge you 14.99 euros for a fee-based change to your drawing. The new version of the drawing will only be created after receipt of payment.

If there is no reaction to a draft drawing for seven days, it is automatically released for printing

Status of the General Terms and Conditions Oct. 2019

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